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Australia’s most successful self-published low fat cookbook author and leading weight loss and healthy lifestyle expert is a must see speaker. She will touch your heart and excite you about your future.

Annette is a highly sought after motivational keynote speaker with years of experience in front of audiences, television and radio. Both dynamic and entertaining Annette has the ability to adapt her presentations to fit any audience. Annette will both inspire and touch your audience with her passionate, honest and 'from the heart' presentations which set her apart from the average.

Speaking Topics

Motivational Presentation

Annette is in hot demand as a motivational speaker on business, health and lifestyle. Annette’s personal story is amazing. She was once morbidly obese and lived from pay to pay but through sheer determination and self-belief, she transformed her life. Annette is now a healthy woman, as well as a woman recognized as a leading weight loss and low fat expert in Australia. Annette has become an award winning business woman (Annette is listed in the BRWeekly magazine as one of the top 50 entrepreneurial women in Australia). You will come away from her presentations with a spring in your step and a renewed belief in yourself. Comments made after attending Annette’s motivational presentation include..

.."they are thought provoking, fun, exciting and an emotional experience that will leave you having a belief about what is possible in life"

Annette’s unique presentations will have you on the edge of your seat and electrify you to dare to dream and to be the best you can be. Listen to an example of Annette speaking expertise when it comes to motivation.

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Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Keeping Motivated Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Keeping Motivated (760 KB)

GOAL SETTING - Goals are a dream with a deadline

Annette is a big believer in setting goals, both in her business and personal life. Having clear goals helps to keep you focused and on track with a clear path to follow in the future. This presentation is all about getting people to acknowledge what they want and showing them how to set and achieve their goals by having a clear plan of action to follow in both their personal and business life. 

A powerful and dynamic presenter Annette will excite and motivate people to dare to dream and clearly know what they want to achieve. Everyone needs to have dreams regardless of what they do, or who they are. Ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve, and what must I change to make my life the best it can be?” To make this exciting topic part of a workshop, participants can interact by creating their own goal poster on the day. Allow 1-2 hours if you wish to include this part of the presentation.

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Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Goal Setting Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Goal Setting (790 KB)

Small/Medium and Home-based Business - The beauty of running a home based business

Since the release of her first book 10 years ago in Australia author Annette Sym still runs her award winning multi-million dollar business from her home office on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She now spends part of her year in the United States, which she says is her home away from home. Annette truly shows how empowering it can be to be your own boss and have a lifestyle that some could only dream of. Annette’s presentation is jam packed with practical tips to help anyone operating their own home based business or intending to do so.

Annette runs one of the most successful home based businesses in Australia and has been recognized with several home based business awards.

Annette is so highly regarded that she is often been called upon as an advisor to give advice to the Federal Minister of Small Business on how the government can assist home based business operators in Australia. Her journey, advice, tips and practical solutions to help clients are both informative and highly motivational.

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Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Business Health Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Business Health (827 KB)

Shameless self-promotion

Annette will share how she created her multi million-dollar business without spending any money on advertising. Learn how she has used her talent and is now in hot demand in all areas of TV, radio and print media. Annette is heard on over 50 radio stations every week, writes articles for several newspapers and magazines and is a regular guest on many TV shows. Annette will show participants how to attract mainstream media without spending money.

Annette's Business Journey – Starting a business from scratch

Annette started her business with no money and had little business acumen. She used her ironing board as a desk and a loan from her in-laws to print her first book. From these very humble beginnings, Annette shares how her highly motivating journey took her from living from pay to pay to becoming a leader in her field and an award winning multi-million dollar businesswoman. Annette is a true success story where she turned her greatest weakness ‘food’ into her greatest strength.

This motivational and very inspirational presentation will enthrall participants and keep them on the edge of their seats. Annette shows what can be achieved and says, “If I can do it so can you”. Annette will empower audiences as she shares what has helped her achieve what some would think impossible. With her PASSION, COMMITMENT and above all VISION Annette shows what can be achieved when you dare to dream.

Women in Business – Life balance

Annette’s tips on how to juggle being a wife, mother and businesswoman is an uplifting presentation that both motivates and encourages women from all aspects of life. A mother of three and now a grandmother she shows what can be achieved when you are passionate about what you do and yet still be there for your family. Women constantly need to multi task but can feel overworked and stressed when they try to find the right balance in their lives. Annette has earned her stripes as being a true female success story and mentor to women both in business and in health. She will share how she continues to be a success both at home and in business. Her practical tips will empower women to be the best they can be.

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Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Time Management Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Time Management (771 KB)

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Annette's Well being tips - Super Women Annette's Well being tips - Super Women (769 KB)

Health - Annette’s personal weight loss journey & winning the battle of the bulge

Annette knows all too well about being overweight and unhealthy. At 220lbs she was tired, depressed and lethargic. The excess weight was putting stress on her body and she knew she had to change her life. Annette will discuss the health risks of being overweight or simply eating incorrectly. With obesity, cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes on the rise Annette looks at practical ways to change the patterns, habits and choices that are creating these health concerns. Annette will share the four reasons why someone is overweight and the solution. Whether you are a CEO or homemaker, this presentation cannot be missed.

This highly motivational presentation will captivate and excite those who have been looking for answers to their weight problems. Annette is a mentor to these people and is highly regarded by both health professionals and the public. After years of battling the bulge, Annette turned her greatest weakness, which was food into her greatest strength. Annette knows first hand what it is like to be overweight having herself once hit the scales at 220lbs. She was a chubby child, cuddly teenager, buxom bride, and for many years an obese adult, Annette’s nickname at school was "porky". Annette is now regarded as the “Weight loss and Low fat Queen of Australia” and will give an emotional and thought provoking presentation. This is an ideal presentation for anyone who struggles with their health, weight or self esteem issues. A power packed presentation that will touch your heart and empower you to step up and create the healthy you.

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Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Losing Weight Tips Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Losing Weight Tips (824 KB)


This presentation is based on Annette’s story and much of what has been mentioned in the previous topic but with a twist that leans to the concerns and issues facing a Type 2 Diabetic. The presentation also caters for those people who support and care for them as well. With practical advice, Annette’s cookbook Symply Too Good To Be True has recipes that are suitable for people with diabetes and even a 28-day weight loss plan that diabetics can use. Diabetes Australia recommends and endorses her Australian cookbook series and highly regarded in this industry and a highly sort after keynote speaker.

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Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Diabetes Annette's Wellbeing Tip - Diabetes (850 KB)

Full Day Weight Loss Workshop

Annette personally facilitates this life-changing day.

Starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm this empowering day is a must for anyone frustrated with their weight, health and lack of motivation to lose weight. This is a fast paced, fun workshop where participants are transformed with knowledge, motivation and a strong desire to succeed. There are several parts to the day. Here is a brief run down:-

  • Annette commences the workshop with her personal journey of losing 70lbs in 20 months, and how she has maintained a healthy weight for over 16 years.
  • What is your story? We look at the excuses that are weighing you down. What do you ultimately want and desire?
  • What are the four reasons why someone is overweight (making bad food choices, over eating, lack of physical activity and lack of motivation), and what are the solutions?
  • 'Give up a Food Vice' technique. This part of the day is very exciting and interactive. Annette will teach participants how they can give up a food they feel dominates and controls them e.g. chocolate, chips, pizza, beer etc. etc. In pairs the participant work with their partner to remove this debilitating addiction. This is a very fun and exciting part of the day.
  • Cooking demonstration by Annette where she shows participants how to cook a 3-course meal with less than 11g of fat. The participants get to sample. During this part of the day, Annette talks about her top low fat cooking tips.
  • 'Goal Poster for Life'- participants are empowered to create the life they dream of and actually create their own goal poster to take home.
  • Question time with Annette – this is the time when any provocative questions are answered.
  • The final part of the day is a ‘Visualize Your Future’ exercise. Annette takes participants through a journey. What does their future hold? They will go down the road of just doing the same old thing and getting the same results and then be taken on the right road, a road where they are empowered, focused and committed to good health and a happy life. This highly emotional experience leaves participants excited and clear on what they must do to be the healthy person they desire.
  • Book signing and hugs from Annette.

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