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Many wonderful people have written letters, faxes and emails from all over the world. I feel blessed that so many people have taken the time out of their busy lives to write to me and I thank you all.

I thought I would share some fantastic snippets from mail that I have received.

Hi all. I'm Ann and I attended the last retreat (May 2011). I can't begin to tell you how much I came away with from the retreat. Absolutely fantabulous!! You are doing yourselves the biggest favour by attending. Annette is one in a million, along with all the beautiful, energetic, motivating people who surround her. Yes I've lost weight but my mindset has changed too. It didn't happen overnight, but it will happen. That's why I'm going back for more !!!!!!!!
Ann - Workshop Retreat Attendee
I spent most of my adult life as a morbidly obese person. Until I said enough was enough! I decided to become smart about weight loss. I changed the way I thought and the way I ate and became less than half the person I use to be, losing 170lbs. When losing weight a person needs to change everything including the way they think. My book 'The Thinking Side to Thin' shows you how to change the way you think and arms you with information that keeps you on track. Annette’s books show you how to eat right in such a way that it becomes a healthy lifestyle instead of a diet. Annette and I met when she was on my radio show Amazing Women, brains, beauty & style. When I received her books with all her great recipes I knew she understood what losing weight was all about and she truly is an Amazing Woman. Annette is a passionate and smart author, cook and weight-loss guru.
Dr Marlene - California USA
My commitment at the workshop (March 2012 Workshop Retreat) was to lose 20 lbs to reach my desired goal weight of 150 lbs.  Well, TADA!  Today I weighed in and I have lost 22 lbs.  I am so happy, feel (and look!) terrific, and I'm fitter and I'm sure healthier.  Thank you so so much for your inspiration and motivation, and the knowledge and skills you have given me to reach my goal.  Now it's maintenance!!!
Leonie - Taperoo, South Australia
We discovered your cookbooks while visiting my sister last year. My sister had been using your recipes and had lost 25lbs and looked great. We even lost weight while we were there as they used your recipes all the time and we both came home five pounds lighter and had eaten really good food! We now have our own copies and so do my two daughters and sister who live in Canada, we all love them
Jean Dodson - California, U.S.A.
Being a food addict, I had tried MANY diets with the same mediocre results, only to put the weight back on. However I have achieved my greatest success while not dieting at all! With the help of the Symply Too Good cookbooks, I've found the healthy new me I'd been so desperately searching for. Having slipped a few times, I find the Masterclass (Aust Book 6) is a great tool to get back on track and I've now lost over 84 lbs.
Ben - Lilydale, VIC, Australia
After visiting your website I quickly ordered your books. I can’t begin to tell you what a change your recipes have brought to our lives and just at the right time. My husband has cholesterol and high blood pressure problems and I’ve been battling a weight problem for years, plus Yo-yo dieting. My husband has lost 18lbs and I’ve lost 22lbs. We both feel so healthy and wow there’s no getting bored with all those recipes. I haven’t seen any health recipe books in our bookstores here in South Africa that come anywhere near yours. Yours are beautifully illustrated and having the nutritional break down is so very helpful
Brenda Greef - Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
Thank you Annette, your books have been my greatest inspiration to losing weight. I have been overweight from the age of 7. Over the years I just gradually got bigger. I had tried every diet and joined almost every club, only ever with short-term success, the diets were always so boring. I lost 88lbs in 18 months and feel truly wonderful. I’ve never been happier or more confident. I will always use your books Annette and plan on never gaining weight again
Gail - Moffat Beach, QLD Australia
My husband Lindsay lost 55lbs in just over one year and has kept it off, just by following your wonderful recipes. He says he never feels hungry or deprived and I love it because the whole family is eating meals that are healthy and enjoyable. My job is easy now thanks to your cookbooks.
Jenny and Lindsay Heperi - Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
Being a long distance truck driver I needed simple recipes that could travel with me in my truck. Your recipes have shown me how to be satisfied and enjoy eating again. I have lost 110lbs and feel the best I have ever felt in my life.
John - Pomona, QLD Australia
Your cookbooks were recommended to me by my hairdresser who just happened to lose 66lbs with the help of your recipes. Once l discovered Symply too good to be true l kindly donated all my other cookbooks to charity. I also love the fact that every recipe has a picture and in the early days l got very excited that my meals always came out looking as good as the pictures. You have turned me into a great cook and I am proud to tell you that I have now lost 66lbs and my husband Mick has lost 80lbs.
Tanya and Mick - Rochester, VIC Australia

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