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We discovered your cookbooks while visiting my sister last year. My sister had been using your recipes and had lost 25lbs and looked great. We even lost weight while we were there as they used your recipes all the time and we both came home five pounds lighter and had eaten really good food! We now have our own copies and so do my two daughters and sister who live in Canada, we all love them
My husband Lindsay lost 55lbs in just over one year and has kept it off, just by following your wonderful recipes. He says he never feels hungry or deprived and I love it because the whole family is eating meals that are healthy and enjoyable. My job is easy now thanks to your cookbooks.

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  • WEBINAR -- August 2012 ($2.95 Download)

    WEBINAR -- August 2012 ($2.95 Download)

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    Label Reading, Supermarket & Snacking Tips

    In Annette's August Webinar she addressed Label Reading, Supermarket & Snacking Tips. Learn how to read product labels to make sure you purchase the best options for you and your family. You will also learn what constitutes a healthy snack and how to fill your supermarket trolley with the right foods. 

    Here's what one the the listeners had to say “Just a note of thanks and appreciation for all the trouble you went to for last night's WEBINAR - aren't I getting an uptodate groovy Granny hey?  It was most helpful and has re-inspired me all over again” (Dianne from Labrador Qld)

    This is a downloadable Product:  MP3 file 40MB. Once you receive your email invoice you will be able to click on the product to download the audio file.

    This Webinar was recorded at 7.00pm AEST on 8th August 2012.
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