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Weight Loss

Your new beginning starts now...

For most of my life, I have been consumed with food, always looking for the new diet that would help me lose weight with no hunger or deprivation. I was desperate to find the easiest way to lose my unwanted kilos, never finding anything that suited me and so my ongoing battle with the bulge continued well into my late 30’s. I knew I had a problem, a problem that had plagued me all my life.

Annette with the old Annette
I was hitting the scales at 220lbs and getting fatter every day. I felt unwell, unhappy and embarrassed about my size, but when I saw that photo, it was like a slap across the face, a reality check. That day back in January 1992, I knew I had to make some very big changes to my life if I was to have any quality of life in the future. That was the day that I gave up on dieting and instead became a healthy person. I knew that if I thought and acted like a healthy person there is no way that I could weigh 220lbs. That photo changed my life and helped me to lose 77 lbs in 20 months.

If you are feeling fed up and want to be healthier then here are some tips to get you started:-

  1. Forget all the past diets, failed attempts and bad memories. Begin now with a new attitude and a new belief in yourself
  2. Never give up, no matter how hard it may seem, if you keep on going you will eventually get where you want to be
  3. You must change the habits that have caused you to be overweight in the first place. Look at how much you are eating because I guarantee that you are eating more than you should be. Portion control is one of the most important parts of moving from an overweight person to a slim person
  4. When you go to eat something ask yourself “will this nourish my body or hinder my body?”. Don’t weigh yourself down with rubbish food. It will only slow you down, make you unhealthy and slow down your weight loss
  5. This is a lifestyle changed not a diet. This is who you are now, a healthy person, no turning back. Look to the future and know that if I can do it so can you.


Listen to Annette's Health and Wellbeing tips:

Annette's Health and Wellbeing tip - Being a Healthy Person Annette's Health and Wellbeing tip - Being a Healthy Person (818 KB)

Annette's Health and Wellbeing tip - Weight Loss Annette's Health and Wellbeing tip - Weight Loss (728 KB)

What is your story?

As a society, we are more overweight than ever before in history. I remember well, how it felt to weigh 220lbs and it is not much fun. Having to carry around all that weight means getting out of a chair, sleeping and movement in general can all be a challenge. One of the things I have noticed whenever I talk to someone who is overweight is that we all have a story, a story that explains why we are overweight. For example when we had just moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia back some 18 years ago and I was talking to a new friend who was also overweight. We were doing the 'poor me' thing and sharing our ‘story’ on why we were overweight. When I explained that it was due to my last baby Jenna weighing 9lbs and that I had never really got over that, she then asked me how old Jenna was and I laughingly said she was 7 years old. Had I said she was 7 weeks or 7 months old then, yes, it was a good reason but this kid had been at school 2 years. I had a good laugh at this and realised that I either had to get a better excuse or maybe I needed to really look at what really was the true story.

"In reality my story was that I was not taking responsibility for myself, eating way too much and was not at all active".
I was eating with little regards to the consequences and it showed, I was morbidly obese and was very unwell. So now I ask you what is your ‘story’, why are you overweight? I now want to ask you then whose fault is it? And what has stopped you from losing weight? These questions need to be answered and you then may be able to know what excuses you are telling yourself. This could be why you self sabotage your weight loss efforts. Now try and scrabble your thoughts and make up a new ‘story’. It could go like this…..

"I am in control of my destiny and I will do all I can to be the best I can be"

 ...or you could say "my story is that I am a healthy person and will do what a healthy person does by eating, thinking and acting the way a healthy person does". Finally I would like you to now write down how your life will change when you lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. This is what you need to focus on and this way you will be able to look to the future in a positive way, no more excuses, no more stories just a positive attitude.

Listen to Annette's Health and Wellbeing tip:

Annette's Health and Wellbeing tip - Affirmation Annette's Health and Wellbeing tip - Affirmation (869 KB)

For more tips to help with your weightloss journey, see my Tips page.

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